Manhattan Sports and Manual Physical Therapy
I am able to move the fingers in my right hand for the first time in about 29 years! I'll say it again, you guys work miracles.

-Paul Arpaia

Zack put together a new treatment plan consisting of exercises, massage therapy and constant consultations. The entire family of therapists and assistants were extremely concerned and worked closely to ensure I didn't cause any additional damage.
Months later I feel like a brand new person. I'm on the road to full recovery thanks to the best family of therapist! Prior to Manhattan Sports, I frequented other therapists and Manhattan Sports blows them out of the water. In addition, I look forward to the visits as everyone is extremely friendly and caring. They're like family.

-Aretha Gomez

Sometimes the best things found are by chance. I found MSMPT in 2006 and tracked them down to get the same great care again in 2011. Whenever asked if I know of a PT, that's an easy one, always received a "yeah, you were right".

-Michael Rene

Zack and team at MSMPT express the outmost care for their patients. Thanks to their professionalism and expertise, I have been able to recover from severe neck and shoulder tension that led to headaches. Zack and team have allowed me to recover my quality of life. I am very fortunate to have met them.

-Pilar Jimenez

I always love going to the Manhattan Sports and Physical Therapy Center, which is saying a lot since it's always due to injuries that lead me to Zack's doorstep. But the work and care given to me don't just help to heal my injuries, they help to heal my spirit, which is such an important component of recovery.
I am treated like gold by Zack and his amazing team, who's care and expertise are beyond compare!!!

-Rozanna Weinberg




At Manhattan Sports & Manual Physical Therapy we practice individualized care programsto address your specific as well as overall comprehensive needs. Our qualified Physical Therapist will always begin by evaluating the Biomechanical or Neuromuscular reasons for your specific problem(s) and pinpoint the best way to resolve these issues.

Your physical therapy treatment is closely coordinated with your referring physician and relevant members of your health care team, designed to maximize the benefits from this and other therapeutic interventions. Our experienced Physical Therapists utilize all available diagnostic and therapeutic tools, such as Radiography, imaging studies, EMG and nerve conduction studies to ensure proper diagnosis and the optimal, most appropriate treatment. We pride ourselves on our ability to analyze, identify and correct faulty musculoskeletal patterns that either contribute to or may be the cause of your specific issue(s).

Our Facility

Your personalized plan is coupled with a balanced approach to segmental and whole body functional recovery, as it relates to daily living — including work, sports, and recreation. Our goal is for you to enjoy the lifestyle and activities you wish to engage in.

Your MSMPT Treatment is completely personalized and designed to:

  • Maximize functional performance and capacity
  • Attain optimal strength, power flexibility, joints and muscular range of motion
  • Restore normal biomechanics and movement patterns
  • Relieve pain and other associated uncomfortable symptoms
  • Prevent recurrence and ensure a symptom free outlook
  • Educate each patient on his/her condition and the rehabilitation process

Insurance Accepted
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Payment Options
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Accessible to All:If uninsured, please call to discuss fees and payment plans.


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